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Injury and Wrongful Death
Insurance and Bad Faith
Consumer Fraud


Dillenburg Law offices is a civil litigation firm practicing in the areas of personal injury, insurance bad faith, and consumer fraud.  We only represent people.  Our goal is to give one on one attention to clients in order to help them bring their claim to a successful conclusion.   

Personal injury/wrongful death practice:  We handle all cases where someone, or their loved one, is injured or killed by the negligence or recklessness of another.  When someone is harmed by the negligent or reckless acts of another, they have a right under Arizona law to seek redress for those harms.  Harms and losses can be caused in a variety of settings and through means that are sometimes obvious, but other times not so apparent.  Some of the types of cases where we have successfully recovered damages for people include the following: 

1. Automobile, motorcycle, trucking and boating accidents.
2. Medical negligence cases. 
3. Gun shot and knife injury cases. 
4. Tire tread separation cases. 
5. Chemical release cases. 
6. Liquor liability (Dramshop) cases.
7. Dog bite cases. 

Insurance Bad Faith cases:   Implicit in every contract of insurance is a duty of good faith and fair dealing. If you think about it you might ask:  What is the “product” an insurance company sells?   It is simply a piece of paper, the insurance policy, and it is worthless if the insurer does not honor the promise contained in the policy.   So whether you are dealing with your insurance company on a homeowner’s loss, a health insurance or disability claim or an automobile claim, this duty exists.   When evaluating your claim, your insurance company must give your interests equal consideration to their own.  They must complete a reasonable investigation and evaluation of your claim.  The Arizona Supreme Court has stated: “The carrier has an obligation to immediately conduct an adequate investigation, act reasonably in evaluating the claim, and act promptly in paying a legitimate claim. It should do nothing that jeopardizes the insured's security under the policy. It should not force an insured to go through needless adversarial hoops to achieve its rights under the policy. It cannot lowball claims or delay claims hoping that the insured will settle for less.” 

Consumer Fraud cases:  Fraud occurs when a company misrepresents or deceives consumers in the sale of it products.  This can include concealment and omissions.  We handle cases where companies are engaged in fraudulent conduct and you have been harmed, whether it be an unscrupulous automobile dealer misrepresenting the nature of a vehicle or an insurer misrepresenting the nature or its policy.

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