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Implied in every insurance policy is a duty of good faith and fair dealing.  When an insurer breaches this duty, it is sometimes referred to as bad faith.

Insurers can commit bad faith in a number of different ways.  We have attached links on the resource page for you to check out in order to know your rights.  A few of the ways insurers can act in bad faith are as follows:

  1. Denying a claim without adequate investigation

  2. Failing to fully indemnify an insured for all covered losses

  3. Delaying payment of a covered claim

  4. Failing to disclose all policy benefits applicable to a loss

  5. Failing to defend an insured and protect them from excess judgments

The Arizona Standard Jury Instruction on Bad Faith sets forth the damages that can be recovered if an insurer has been found to act in bad faith and the damages are caused by its conduct.  To see the damages instruction, click here.


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